Atrophaneura priapus (Boisduval, 1836)


The fore wings: Male. Length forewing/wingspan 59-67/94-110 mm. Forewing upperside and underside black, grey on both sides of the veins, strongest in outer half of wing. H 

The hind wings:  Hindwing crenulate; upperside and underside black, white or creamish in outer half, black along margin, but may more or less be divided into rounded spots, black spots in pale area in spaces 2 to 5 or 6. 

The body:  

Sex differences: Female. Length forewing/wingspan 62-74/98-116 mm. Similar to male, on forewing grey area more expanded.

Variation and infraspecific taxa: Varies slightly in the extent of the white color on the hindwing and the size of the spots. Three subspecies are recognized.

Similar species: See A. luchti.