Atrophaneura semperi (C. & R. Felder, 1861)


The fore wings: Male. Length forewing/wingspan 65-71/113-117 mm. Forewing upperside black, vaguely pale on both sides of veins; underside xxxxx?? H 

The hind wings:  Hindwing outer margin crenulate, at end of vein 4 extending into a short tail; anal area enlarged; upperside black, whitish in anal fold along vein 2, or entire anal third of wing whitish; underside xxxxx?? 

The body:  

Sex differences: Female. Length forewing/wingspan 68-83/113-130 mm. Forewing upperside black to dark brownwith weak to strong, pale brown to whitisch streaks on both sides of the veins; streaks may grow into a series of elongate spots between the (black) veins 2-8; underside xxxxx?? Hindwing outer margin strongly crenulate at end of veins extending into short tails, longest at vein 4; upperside black with hardly noticeble submarginal markings, varying to strong pinkish submarginal and median markinmgs; underside as upperside, but markings much more prominent, pinkish to brilliantly red

Variation and infraspecific taxa: There is much variation in color and development of the wing markings, particularly in the female, and although restricted to the Philippines seven subspecies have been distinguished.

Similar species: Not easily confused with other species. The strong crenulation of the hindwing of the female is unique in the genus.