Atrophaneura nox (Swainson, 1822)


The fore wings: Male. Length forewing/wingspan 52-55/76-88 mm. Forewing upperside without or with faint palestripes on both sides of veins in apical half; underside xxxxx?? H 

The hind wings:  Hindwing outer margin slightly crenulate, large anal fold that varies from greyish black to beige or whitish; upperside black; underside xxxxx? 

The body:  

Sex differences: Female. Length forewing/wingspan 55-67/88-107 mm. Forewing more rounded than in male; upperside black, greyish or whitish on both sides of veins of varying intensity and extent, strongest towards apex; underside XXXXX??. Hindwing much more strongly crenulate, anal area not enlarged; upperside black, more or less greyish, whitish or bluish along the veins; underside XXXXX??

Variation and infraspecific taxa: Varies geographically in size, internsity and extent of pale markings; nine subspecies have been distinguished.

Similar species: Not easily confused with other species.?