Atrophaneura kuehni (Honrath, 1886)


The fore wings: Male. Length forewing/wingspan 60-64/95-100 mm. Forewing upperside black; underside xxxxx?? H 

The hind wings:  Hindwing outer margin slightly crenulate; upperside black, enlarged anal area white; underside black with conspicuous red from space 1c to 5. 

The body:  

Sex differences: Female. Length forewing/wingspan 73-76/114-120mm. Forewing upperside and underside black to dark brown with well developed pale brown to whitish areas along the black veins, the pale color covering up to half of the wing. Hindwing slightly crenulate; upperside black with inconspicuous reddish patch; underside black with well-developed red patch.

Variation and infraspecific taxa: Few specimens are known of this endemic species of Sulawesi, but still two subspecies have been distinguished, differing mainly in the extent of the red patch on the hindwing underside.

Similar species: Not easily confused with other species.